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TaRene Jacobs | M.S., Registered Psychotherapist, Adv. LENS Certified

I received my BA in Communications from CU Boulder 2002 as well as my Masters in Marriage, Family, and Child Therapy from University of Phoenix in 2009. I have been registered with DORA as a psychotherapist since 2011. I will take my MAC exam to become a licensed Addiction counselor the beginning of this next year. My life journey and its hardships have given me experience, strength and hope to share with other women who are ready to change their lives. I am in recovery and believe one addict helping another is without parallel.  I have worked in an residential treatment facility as a therapist since 2010. It has been my dream to open a sober living for women and help them transition to a life of sobriety that is fulfilling and fun. Life should be enjoyed and at PUSH Forward, it is our intention to support women on this journey. 


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Colorado Springs, CO

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